"His eyes popped in contrast with his tan. They were a light bluish-gray but full of life... And history--history like... Wisdom type of history, if that makes any sense."

"I couldn't help but notice how relaxed and approachable he is... Which made me immediately lower my guard."


"He didn't have a wrinkle on his face, but his eyes said otherwise. I felt like I could see everything Santi had seen in the gray--a man who had been to hell and back but had survived... And he's... Alive."

"He had light brown curly hair with hints of gold both on his head and in his well-maintained beard."

"I didn't know this man in the slightest, yet I innately wanted to make him... proud... Like he was some sort of father figure I've been missing for years."

"And directly in front of me, I saw a man who I knew deep down was going to teach me more than I could fathom being taught."

"He feels like family."

What was your read on Santi? Why?