"I remembered Braden's reluctance and hesitation when I reminded him to stick to the plan. I was so frustrated, but now I couldn't help but admire that Braden was juggling two agendas, both mine and his own." (Pg 264)

"Deep down, I genuinely hoped that last night served as some sort of redemption for Braden. For years and years of having been manipulated and engulfed by toxicity and deception... This was no way for my brother to live--no way for anybody to live." (Pg 265)

Throughout the course of the novel, we find that Braden has always done wrong with good intent.

  • In chapter 1, Braden intends on selling drugs to help his family.

  • In chapter 4, Braden invites Jay to work with him because he misses Jay, but knows Santi's business is corrupt.

  • In Chapter 13, Jay finds out that Braden lied about their mother's death in order to keep Jay from seeing the mess she's become.

  • In Chapter 17, Jay finds out that Braden revealed Jay's plan to Santi as a part of Braden's own plan to save himself and Jay.

Braden's recklessness and unpredictable behavior set the Amor brothers on constant detours. While their dream of owning their own nightclub seems relatively simple and attainable, Braden's character represents the unanticipated struggles and shortcomings that stand in the way of achieving our dreams.


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