"It suddenly dawned on me that Fia hadn't texted me, but I knew her flight was supposed to touch down this morning. Maybe I should text her... Nah, she probably has guys texting her from all over. Probably best I make her chase at least a little bit." (Pg 124)

"Seeing both a naked Fia and the view of the Miami Beach skyline together was unreal. I have to be dreaming right now. I gave myself a courtesy pinch on the forearm to be sure I wasn't asleep." (Pg 133)

"I could tell she was trying to be discreet about responding and keeping me from seeing what was on the screen. As she typed away, texting whoever she was texting, I downed my glass and stared at the ceiling." (Pg 133)



"It was as if my entire existence was wrapped around this girl and her amber eyes--as if the only oxygen left for me to breathe was in her--as if there was nobody on this crowded beach but us... Just the two of us." (Pg 125)

"I subtly pinched myself while in her arms, and yeah, this is happening--this is real." (Pg 127)

"She was the one person I had been around who didn't reek of alcohol or cigarettes, and I felt embarrassed that she might group me with everyone that did reek of alcohol or cigarettes." (Pg 128)

Who do you think Jay will end up with and why?