"The music and conversations blended together to form one ambient sound that enveloped my conscience. What is happening? I thought. Tree. Shot. Shot? I had 3--3 shots. My tolerance was... No... Is better than this... I'm not shouldn't be am I for drunk that bad?" (Pg 239)

The way I wrote this paragraph was meant to portray Jay's stream of consciousness and inability to form clear sentences while the roofie kicks in.

"''BATHROOM!' I shouted, now looking at him face to face while he helped me walk straight. 'I need to throw up.' My head gradually got heavier, and I felt butterflies in my chest and gut." (Pg 239)

This scene is based on an actual experience I had being roofied at a bar. I was two drinks deep and asked the bartender for a glass of water. I got into a conversation with a stranger while the water was sitting on the bar top behind me for about 10 minutes. When the conversation was over, I chugged the water and made my way back to my table.


On my way to the table, my arms and legs got heavier and my vision narrowed. My friend asked if I was doing alright and I began slurring. I realized that I was quickly getting drunker without drinking more, so I sprinted outside to make myself throw up in the parking lot. I threw up a salty clear fluid and immediately sobered up upon doing so.

After doing research on these types of drugs and how they impact the mind and body, I found that some are slow-hitting, while others impact the mind quickly, like the one that impacted me.


Were you aware of roofies before reading this book? How would you suggest spreading awareness of such a dangerous and easily accessible drug?