When Jay attempts to intervene in Santi's club operations, Santi punishes Jay by burning Kalani in front of him.

Santi disciplines Jay with the "collective punishment method." He uses this method for two reasons:

  1. The critical effect of this punishment is symbolic of the "party culture" mentality and how prevalent peer pressure is for young adults.

  2. Santi knows that Jay's inclination to be a "hero" figure will take a serious hit if the ones close to Jay suffer consequences on behalf of Jay himself.

After analyzing two separate occasions where Santi punishes the guys, we see a shift in Jay's perception of Santi:

  • In chapter 6, Santi punishes Kai for smoking in The Willow

    • Jay thinks, "It's a relief he chooses to use his gift of influence for good, teaching lessons to the ones closest to him." (Pg 82)

  • In chapter 12, Santi punishes Jay by punishing Kalani for Jay's act of defiance

    • Jay thinks, "Santi remained respected by Kalani, despite this absurd act of abuse Kalani had just endured. It was evident that this "family act" Santi had been using on the guys served as a manipulation tactic that had worked all along." (Pg 165)



In chapter 1, we discover Jay's yearning to be a "hero."

"This is my  time to be the HERO." (Pg 3)

In chapter 9, Santi discovers Jay's yearning to be a "hero."

"Seems like you internalize a lot of problems that belong to others. Seems to me like you want to be some sort of hero." (Pg 120)

In chapter 12, Santi uses Jay's yearning to be a "hero" against him.

"I'm the hero of my story. I know that. But tell me... If I disagree with you and what you believe should happen in and around my life and business--my story... Does that make me the villain of your story while I remain the hero of my own?" (Pg 163)

Santi knows that Jay is seeking a metaphorical "hero" status, and he attacks this idea by offering the thought that one's purpose is subjective, rather than objective. He's insinuating that just because Jay disagrees with the way Santi conducts business, it doesn't make Jay right.

Do you believe that Santi is in the wrong for choosing to run his business the way he does?